Is IPL necessary in such a deadly pandemic??

Written By Arjun Bangde

Recently after the CSK incident, where we saw things getting bitter after 13 members were tested COVID positive, including 2 players. Kings XI Punjab Co-owner Ness Wadia said that ‘CSK incident taught us it can happen to anybody despite best precautions’, and that this can happen to any of the eight teams.

Ness Wadia was worried and commented that “The CSK incident has taught us that it can happen to anyone even when the best of precautions are taken and therefore we must be more compliant and rigid on the bio-bubble protocols. We need to ensure only those who are really required to be with the players are part of the bubble,” and now he is not sure whether he will go to UAE to watch his team.


So here the question arises, whether IPL is more important than saving lives?

As even after strict guidelines from BCCI there are threats to players and staff members. Many officials and govt members opposed the conduction of IPL this year, but somewhere everybody thought this was necessary for India’s economical condition. This situation was compared to Djokovic’s exhibition tournament during which he tested COVID positive!!


Are IPL and the money behind it so necessary that we can risk players' health and life?? Was there an option to conduct the IPL later?? Is the UAE completely safe?? Are the viewers so eager to watch it again?? So many doubts regarding the biggest cricketing league in the world yet no answers!!  

More than 8 lakhs people have died because of this lethal virus still many of them are taking it lightly and indirectly helping it to spread more. So just for sake of entertainment and money not only IPL but is any league safe to be played?

But now let’s hope that further there are no such cases and problems with the teams and the Indian Premier League is played safe this year.