Attack on Suresh Raina's relatives: Where are we the citizens of India heading to?

Written By Arjun Bangde

A 58-year-old uncle of cricketer Suresh Raina died in a brutal incident on 19 August. While four other members of his family who were all sleeping on the terrace of their house were also injured, that included Ashok kumar’s (uncle) mom, his wife and two sons. The police are investigating and the robbers will be hopefully behind bars, soon. Police told that the robbers decamped with some cash and gold found at Ashok Kumar’s house. But the main agenda here is- Was this really needed?? Where are we the citizens of India heading to?? Such incidents disturbs the family and community also. Is someone’s life so worthless that you can take it so easily?? Even in the 21st century such incidents happen which creates a fear in everyone’s mind, after such news people must be worried before sleeping or going out somewhere! This incident took place at Thariyal village in Punjab’s Pathankot district. So now are the families safe there?? Are the families of celebrities safe?? Until now there’s no other theory to this incident other than robbery but let’s see what the police finds out. This incident is also regarded as one of the reasons why Raina came back to India from United Arab Emirates as he is set to miss the entire IPL. Raina has stated that he returned to India because of some personal reasons, which include COVID fear and as he was worried about his two kids. 13 member including 2 players of Chennai Super Kings were detected Covid-19 positive which made Suresh Raina compel this decision. After Raina’s retirement few days ago alongside MS Dhoni’s decision, he must be very excited to play IPL which maybe was his last chance to play on field. This pandemic has created a lot of problems in everybody’s life already and moreover such incidents with family members diverts the player’s mindset to play the upcoming tournament. No player is expected to play at his/her best when his or her family is not safe, it is pretty obvious that the player will think about it and focus on the goal will fall off. Each and every person is affected by this pandemic, so people should understand the situation and abstain such incidents. Imagine happening the same with your family, will you be at peace ever? We respect Suresh Raina’s decision. All our support to his family, hope we all could see him back in action soon. STAY SAFE, STAY ALERT!!