Will the Hungry Lion Rohit Sharma Blast the IPL-2020 Or King Kohli Will Bring Out His Super-Power?

Written By Akshita Panwar

indian Express

Indian Premier League is all set to start with the thrilling and nerve-wracking matches from 19th September. The players haven’t been getting many practice sessions under their belt, due to safety regulations about COVID-19. Players only had access to indoor practices to turn to in this situation. Cricket is an outdoor sport, so we aren’t certain how much effective indoor practices might have been. The players aren’t getting much game time and it would be interesting to find out how these players overcome the obstacles. 


Rohit Sharma, the right-handed batsman is all set to perform incoming IPL-2020. The fans are expecting top-notch performances from him. Being the most successful captain in the league, everyone has high hopes from him. He jumped back into practicing hard for the league as soon as the IPL announcement came. He has gone full steam with preparations leading up to the IPL, after months of no cricket.

On Wednesday, Rohit Sharma shared a video from his net session where he can be seen practicing various shots that for which he was known for. Captioning the video, he wrote: “Up and running with @mumbaiindians”. His followers appreciated his dedication and we are waiting to see if Rohit Sharma is able to dazzle the audience of the IPL matches in the same way. 

At present, the attention would be on returning to shape and buckling down on wellness. Mumbai Indians captain, Rohit Sharma, admits there is sufficient time for the players before the IPL to develop their fitness and abilities.


As a newcomer, Virat Kohli started out as a player who was bought for 12 lakhs. He slowly moved up the ladder and currently bags 17 crores on his name. He has worked hard to achieve so much in life. Now fans are curious to know what he will bring to the IPL 2020. Since the players were restricted from training in the ground, Kohli has been working out at home. 

A day in the wake of arriving in Dubai for IPL 2020, the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper chose not to waste time and immediately hopped on for physical training inside his lodging. In a photo shared by him on the Instagram story, Kohli was seen giving the thumbs up, seemingly happy with his training session ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Kohli has his beast mode on and he working hard to make his team do better than previous years. He hopes to deliver his best performance as a captain but it is still a mystery that fans are yet to find out.

The IPL fans will witness again their favorites in this potentially thrilling and exhilarating season. We are hoping for a tremendous performance from the players and we hope that they do just that. The question is, will it be a year of Rohit Sharma again or King Kohli will bring out his full power to lift the trophy for the first time? The time will say.