Super Dan bids Farewell to Badminton

Written By Writabrata

Lin Dan, or “Super Dan” as called my millions of Badminton fans around the world, finally decided to call it a day to an unreal Badminton career. He has been hailed by regular Badminton viewers as well as analysts, as the greatest male Badminton player

to have ever set foot on the court. While the sport has certainly seen its fair share of brilliant athletes and even some legends,

particularly Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat, and Peter Gade, Lin Dan has always managed to outshine others in his own way.

With his retirement on 4th July this year, badminton, undoubtedly, has suffered a massive vacuum in its ranks.

Coming into the limelight by winning the

2000 Badminton Asia Junior Championships, he began his senior career at the tender age of 17. It did not take long for him to show that he was not just some talented youngster who would eventually evaporate at the senior level. He took home to Korea, Denmark, Hong Kong, and China Opens within a span of three years. By the end of 2007, he had already attained the number one spot in the BWF’s world ranking and had won two consecutive World Championship titles. By the age of 28, he had completed the "Super Grand Slam", having won all nine major titles in the badminton world including the Olympic GamesWorld CupSuper Series Masters FinalsAll England OpenAsian Games and Asian Championships, becoming the first and only player to achieve this unique distinction. Possessing a career of remarkable longevity, Lin Dan consistently overcame his occasional setbacks and defeats as proof that form was temporary but the class was permanent for him. After being absent from the sports scene for more than half of the year, he made a memorable comeback in 2014, winning the Badminton Asia Championships as a testimony to the aforementioned statement. His last title was the Malaysia Open title, which he had won last year. He finished his career with a whopping 666 wins out of 794 and an incredible 66 career titles.

Taking piano lessons and encouraged by his parents to be a pianist from a very young age, Lin Dan had chosen Badminton instead - a decision that would change this game forever. Since then, his career has inspired innumerable badminton players spanning across generations to take up this sport. His game was defined not simply by his envious statistics and personal accolades. He gave top priority to fitness and mental strength and relied on a natural ability to adapt to various circumstances and changing nuances of the game. He started his career as a fast-paced athlete but he gradually shaped himself into a versatile player in both pace and rallying speed. Apart from his physicality and adaptability, his winning mentality and an unrivaled self-belief made him stand apart from the rest. It was these features that can serve as a model to aspiring athletes of any sport as an exemplary path to pursue instead of his game in numbers and figures only. While badminton has never ceased to produce world-class athletes, it would not be an overstatement to say that there won’t be someone like Lin Dan ever again.